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Hardwood floors are an excellent addition to a restaurant, providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor option that can fit in with a variety of themes and layouts. However, when choosing what kind of floors to install in a restaurant, you need to take into account a variety of different factors. To figure out the best hardwood floor option for your restaurant, read on or simply contact the hardwood floor experts at Woodworks Fine Flooring by calling (619) 335-8877.

What Type of Wood Flooring is Best for a Restaurant?

The first thing to decide when choosing wood flooring for your restaurant is the type of wood. The three main options to consider are solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors, and reclaimed wood floors.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring incredibly durable, making it more than capable of withstanding the everpresent foot traffic of a restaurant. However, solid hardwood flooring may not be the ideal option for a restaurant, as these kind of wood floors are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture. Another downside to solid hardwood flooring in a restaurant is that it can be stained, meaning that if some food or beverage is spilled on the floor, it will leave its mark. If you do go with solid hardwood, make sure to choose a wood that is very dense for more stability.

Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood is a great option for restaurants, as it is resistant to the dings, scratches and other accidents that come with crowds of people. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, it can handle humidity and moisture and also offers plenty of stability.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed wood purposefully has a more worn look, allowing it to easily mask the wear and tear that is sure to occur over time in a restaurant. This is a perfect wood for a dance floor or other high-traffic area.

What Kind of Design and Color of Wood Flooring is Best for a Restaurant?

Once you have chosen the type of wood to use in your restaurant, you will need to decide what color and shade of wood you wish to use. The design of wood you use will depend on the type of restaurant you operate.

High-End Restaurants

A high-end restaurant will want to have a shade of wood that looks elegant and intimate. A deep, rich shade of wood can easily convey this message.

Casual Restaurants

For a casual restaurant, you may want to go with a lighter shade of color that is more inviting and free-flowing.

Whimsical or Rustic Restaurant

If you have a themed restaurant that is going for a rustic look or has a nautical theme, you may want to go with reclaimed wood that is distressed and worn. This will give your restaurant an antique and lived-in feel.

Restaurant Wood Flooring at Woodworks Fine Flooring

Woodworks Fine Flooring is the hardwood floor experts, helping restaurants, homes, offices, and other establishments get beautiful wood floors. If you are interested in installing premium hardwood flooring at an affordable price, contact Woodworks Fine Flooring today by calling (619) 335-8877.

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