HardwoodRefinish or replace hardwood floors

Time is undefeated. No matter how amazing and flawless your hardwood floor looks like when you first get it installed, over time the floors may begin to become creaky, warped, or stained. If your hardwood floors are becoming a problem, you are faced with an important decision. Should you refinish your hardwood floors, or start over and completely replace your hardwood floor? Here are some things to take into account to help you make a decision.

Refinishing Wood Floors Takes a Lot of Time

If you choose to get hardwood floors refinished, it is by no means a quick fix. First, you need to remove all of your furniture and belongings from the house. Then, the wood needs to be sanded bare and any repairs to improve the structure or aesthetics of the wood must be completed. Finally, staining and coating must be completed, and all told it can take up to a week. During this time, the room must be kept completely empty. It is important to take this timeframe into consideration when deciding between new hardwood floors or refinishing your wood floors.

Possible Issues With Refinishing Your Wood Floors

In most cases, refinishing wood floors goes exactly as planned. However, sometimes unforeseen issues arise that can stall or completely submarine a hardwood refinishing job.


If there are issues with the structure of your hardwood flooring, the floors will need to be completely ripped out and refinishing them may not be possible.

Damaged Wood Boards

There is a breaking point with damaged floors where refinishing the hardwood no longer makes sense. If more than a third of your hardwood floorboards are damaged, you should simply replace the flooring. Examples of damage include termite damage, stains, warped floors, and chips.

Wood Floors That Have Been Refinished Too Many Times

Hardwood floors can only be refinished so many times. If floors have been refinished too many times, you will see visible grooves in the nails and planks of the floor. Sanding the floors will only make the grooves worse, so you should probably get new floors.

Moving Floors

If you have planks of wood that are moving around and not stable, refinishing the floor is not possible. Refinishing wooden floors with moving boards will only make the issue worse.

Do You Want a Different Style of Hardwood Flooring?

One of the main reasons people choose to install new hardwood flooring instead of refinishing them is they want to get a different style, design, or color of the wood. If you like the way the floors look, go ahead and refinish them. However, over time many styles that were once fashionable are now passé.

New Hardwood Floors From WoodWorks Fine Flooring

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