You have beautiful new hardwood planks ready to go. All you have to do now to complete your dream flooring is to lay the hardwood floor. While some breeze through hardwood floor installation, it is an essential component of getting amazing new hardwood floors. Questionable floor laying methods can make even the highest quality wood look cheap and unattractive. However, if you put the time and effort needed to lay a hardwood floor, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous and high-quality wood floor. With that in mind, below you can find instructions on how to properly lay wood floors.

1. Get Detailed and Accurate Measurements of Your Room

The first step to successfully laying wood flooring is getting accurate measurements of your room. Once you have accurate measurements, you can convey this to your hardwood supplier to make sure you have the correct amount of wood. The measurements can also be used to help you buy underlay for the flooring.

2. Decide if You Can Remove the Skirting Boards & Baseboards

You need to determine if you can lay your hardwood flooring without the baseboards or skirting boards in place. Installing a hardwood floor without the baseboards or skirting boards allows for the best results, so try to install the floor before installing the baseboards or skirting boards or remove them for the floor installation.

3. Clean the Surface

Before you begin laying wood, you need to make sure the surface is completely clean and smooth.

4. Fit Your Hardwood in Place

Most hardwood flooring comes in boards that slot together nice and neatly. Even if installing your hardwood floor requires nails, clips, or adhesives, it still should fit together snuggly. Make sure you have clear instructions on how to fit the wood from the hardwood supplier to make sure everything is in place properly.

5. Decide on the Direction of Your Wood Flooring

This one is a personal choice. Choose which way you want your flooring to go, with the most popular choice being the boards pointing from the entrance into the room. Make sure all of the boards are pointing in the same direction.

6. Begin Placing the Wood

Begin placing the hardwood floors, starting by completing one wall to make sure everything is placed correctly. Start with the wall that has the entrance to the room in it for best results. When placing the first piece of wood, place the tongue side against the wall with 12mm spacers in between. Connect the next piece of wood, and run it alongside the wall.

7. Include Room For Spacers

You will use spacers throughout the room. Place spacers on either side of any opening in the room, and measure the space between the wood and the wall and trim a board to fit.

8. Have a Plan to Fill the Entire Space

From the second you begin laying the hardwood flooring, you should have a good idea on how the wood will lay across the entirety of the space. All you need to do is connect all of the boards, using a knocking block and hammer to force them into a tight fit. When you get to the last board in each run, hook a pull bar over the board to lay it down and then tap it into place.

9. Work Around Pipes and Radiators

If you have pipes, radiator fixings, or other obstacles, make sure to measure the gap and how far it is from the wall. Trim the boards and drill a hole so the wood fits tightly around the obstacles. This may require that you cut out a piece of the hardwood board to slide it around the obstacle, using an adhesive afterward to fit the piece back together.

10. Finish It Off

Once the floor is successfully placed, you want to put in the finishing touches. Remove all spacers, fit any required trim, replace the baseboards and skirting boards, and reinstall the doors.

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